tirsdag 13. september 2011

Hair gear

More news to our shop in Nedre Slottsgate Oslo.
This time it's stuff to put in you hair. Long or short you can brighten someones day by looking smashing from head to toe!
Chiffonflower hairclip combined broach 150,-

Creme chiffon hairclip/broach 150,-

Coral chiffon hairclip/broach 150,-

Cafe latte chiffon hairclip/broach 150,-

Put a whole colony of chiffon flowers on your head. We used the flowers for the bridalshoot we did last thursday. Check out the photos for inspiration.

This is the back that shows how easily you can switch from hairclip to broach

Feather broach can also be pinned in your hair


Lovely nude colours! 250,-

This is the back of the broach

Doesn't this look like something I would collect from the floor of my sewing atelier? 
It's a hairclip 150,-


Chiffon headband 200,-

Beautiful light green chiffon headband 200,-

Headband with the same stones as the Stoneclutch 250,-



Brown feathered headband 250,-