fredag 23. september 2011

It's Friday!!!!

I was so inspired by the sun and the fact that it was friday today that I made this painting when I came to work this morning. I needed a painting for my window exhibition and painted this with the colour for autumn. LOVE is in the air!

Maria and Camilla have styled the window in the shop with all the new products for fall. Colours, mmmmmm! I can almost taste it.

I wanted the window to have a artistic feel to it. Because painting and kissing are the best activities for rainy nights. 

Come to my shop and check out all the new gear we have for looking irresistable.

Purse charms for everyday chicness.

Beautyful, sweet and the best Maria ever is working this weekend. Come and say hello.

Moody blue for a cool girl

I bought all my art supplies at Søstrene Grene and I wanna paint some more! I think I know what to do this weekend.