onsdag 21. september 2011

News continued...

More news to my shop. We are bulking up for the party season so in case you're in need of something to top your outfit, you know where to go. Or send your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or father to buy you the perfect gift.
Barock glass necklace Jet 1700kr

Barock glass necklace Clear 1700 kr

Evil eye earrings Jet 850 kr
Feather earrings Jet 400 kr
Feather earrings Olive 400 kr

Chained bracelet w/extention 450 kr

Peacock bracelet multicoloured AB 1050 kr
Also available in green combo

Icecube necklace Clear 1050 kr
Available as set with ring 350kr, and earrings 300 kr

Icecube necklace Jet 1050 kr
Available as set with ring 350 kr, and earrings 300 kr