torsdag 13. oktober 2011


I haven't been very active on my blog the last week. We have started redecorating our kitchen at home and I have been busy painting. In between, Magnus and I went out shopping and came home with this. New old stuff for the new kitchen. As you can see orange is the colour. I have decided to use a cold and breezy light blue colour on my walls accented with orange in the cups and stuff. The small enameled bowl is typical norwegian design from the 60's. I bought this at Jeppes bakgård together with the sweet salt and pepper thing in clear and orange glass. The box with fishes and the cup I got at åhlens.

This vase is also orange. So lets face it, orange is the colour. I fell in love with the smoky effect in the black. It flows like smoke or paint in water. So dramatic and quiet at the same time. I thought it would give my apartment a little bit of the mad men feeling. This is probably from the 70's.

These vases I bought at fretex in Stavanger and St. Hanshaugen. I love these colours together. Both warm and cold. I am also redecorating my living room after the kitchen and I have decided to use a new colour on the walls from Jotun. It's called 10249SOBER and I love it! It's dark brownish-gray. This will be accentuated by shades of yellow. I recently learned that yellow will become the new pink. So I'm planning for a fancy christmas in my newly done apartment. And by the way: It's all DIY so the reward of seeing the result will be even greater.