fredag 16. desember 2011

Merry christmas!!

Oslo has been too warm lately to really understand that its just 9 days to christmas, but yesterday it really hit me. We went to visit the girls at Pro-senteret, and those who work for Bikuben. Pro-senteret is a place where people who have been in touch with prostitution can come and get help and support. They had totally decorated for christmas:) We had waffles and sang som christmas songs together and had a lot of fun. We wanted to thank the girls for the work they are doing for us, so me, Kirsti, Anna and Sunniva took a break from our usual work to go see them. Pro-senteret is located just down the street from us.

Todays question is: what kind of work do the girls at Bikuben do for us? I have written about it here

We are very grateful for the work they do for us with precision and accuracy. Thank you girls and merry christmas!!