torsdag 12. januar 2012

The day of set-up

Today was the day of the set up. We started ironing the dresses and loaded the car to the max to go to Rodeo Drive where the hotel and the venue is. It's a fancy hotel called The Luxe and the gift suite is in the penthouse suite. We got a room together with another designer and a moccasin boot brand. I am into moccasins right now and want to find a pair of white Minnetonka beaded moccasins. Exactly the kind I had in fifth grade.

We managed to finish the set up right in time for the first star to arrive early. She needed a dress for tomorrows big event, Critics Choice Award, and borrowed one from us. I am so excited to see if she really use the dress and some of our jewelry.

We brought seven big boxes with us from norway with bags, catalogs, and other stuff to give to the stars. 

The dresses are ready for the stars to arrive tomorrow. 25 dresses, 25 stars?

The dresses we brought were finished just before we left for this trip. We have been sewing like crazy the last months to get everything done for this trip.

We were done late in the afternoon just in time for a late lunch. We are going to be here all day for the next days and I am so excited to see how it will work out for us.

This is the gift Magnus brought me from his trip downtown. I love this mask!!


Tomorrow is up early.