torsdag 2. februar 2012

Another day at work

I have been busy after coming home from Hollywood and doing the G&I trade fair last week. I was kind of stressed out when Linda from my pr agency called me yesterday to tell me that reps from Moroccan Oil was in town and I had to meet them. We met and I fell in love with Antonio, the creative director of Moroccan Oil. He wanted to have my dresses on their event today and asked me to come and speak a little of my design. I could not resist.

I took a stroll down to the Opera to be there at 11am. Even if it was a grey day and freezing cold the view was quite beautiful, don't you think?

The event was at restaurant Argent in the opera house. I love the chill atmosphere and cool decorations.

Linda and Stina were the partyfixers. Linda doesn't look stressed at all:)

We were all running around, but we made sure to have some fun too.

This is Antonio and Patricia from Moroccan Oil doing the model with their fantastic products.

The tapas was lined up for us. Mmmmm

I had put my new Chie Miharas on. Love?  Look at the long thread on my knee. I try to make myself up and look neat but there is always some sewing threads that manages to escape.

Antonio and the beautiful models in my gowns. Moroccan Oil was in town to show their line and how to use them.

And yes, we had some champagne for lunch

This is my products from Moroccan Oil. I love them and can't wait to wash my hair tomorrow. These products are perfect for my curls. I use the oil every day and its great to define my curly hair without being oily and heavy. It's impossible to describe, you just have to try it!
So this was my day at work. What about you?