mandag 13. februar 2012

London and the Baftas

This weekend we were invited to come to London to attend the Bafta party and say hello to some of our new friends from Hollywood. We didn't hesitate and hopped on a plane to get there. 

London was a nice break to a hectic period in the shop in Oslo. It wasn't that cold and snowy in London either.


The award show took place at the Opera house in Covent garden and we went down there to take a look at the preparations.

When we got back to the hotel, this was what met us in our room

The tickets for the Bafta after party. We even got the VIP tickets to party with the nominees. Excititng!

Sunday we had a date with our girl Christina Simpkins to deliver her a dress for the Oscars. She was wearing Cecilie Melli for the Bafta as well. We also had a delivery for the wife of Nat Faxon for Oscars.

We came a bit early to the hotel for all the Bafta people and had time to hang around and look at people,

Do some inspirational research...

and read the paper.


Our meetings went well. We did some fitting, chatted and had a nice time. We also exchanged some gifts and this is Christina with her new fish skin purse. The poncho she got when we were in Hollywood. Cecilie Melli from head to toe, almost.

Lunchtime with my leis that Christina brought me from Hawaii

We were hoping to meet George at the party, but this happened to be the closest we got.

Window shopping


We were amazed of the celebrity spotting but we tried to stay cool and not do the photos right in their faces. We did our own, though.

Photobooth with wind machine. Need I say more? 
This was my weekend. How about yours?