mandag 12. mars 2012

Treats for you and the ones you love

These different styles of accesories are our most popular choices amongst our customers nowadays. As you can see, we sell a lot of earrings at the moment but bracelets and necklaces comes in at a good second and third place. Please visit our webpage,, for a complete viewing of our entire collection. If you are unable to visit our store in Nedre Slottsgate 15 in Oslo we have retailers situated around the country. So take a look at our retailer-list for optional places to buy these sparkly and beautiful treats.

Snowball earrings in sky blue, 250 kr

Flowerbud earrings in black, 250 kr.

Glass Pearl necklace in nougat, 550 kr

Cloudberry earrings in champagne, 200 kr.

Sylvia necklace in crystal AB, 750 kr.

Regular earrings the the beautiful colour pacific opal, 350 kr.

Snowball ring in hematite, 200 kr.

Droplet necklace in rose water, 200 kr.

Chain bracelet, 450 kr.

These styles are perfect both as a present for either a good friend, your mom, grandmother or as a well-deserved treat for yourself. We also sell giftcards with optional amount.