onsdag 11. april 2012

They`re back!

Our beautiful Snowball earrings and rings are amongst our bestsellers, and some of the most popular colours has been out of stock for quite some time now. So for those of you who have patiently waited: they have arrived! Keep in mind that the pictures do not always justify the actual colour, so come and have a look at them in our store and we can almost guarantee that you fall in love with them instantly!:)

Snowball earrings silver shadow. 350 kr

Snowball earrings peach. 300 kr

Snowball earrings montana. 250 kr

Snowball earrings purple opal. 350 kr

Snowball earrings hematite. 250 kr

Snowball earrings champagne. 250 kr

Snowball ring montana. 200 kr

Snowball ring hematite. 200 kr

Snowball ring silver shadow. 200 kr

We have also re-stocked Cecilie earrings in the colour clear/silver and a classic favourite amongst many brides-to-be Penny earrings in silver.

250 kr

Penny earrings in silver, 200 kr