onsdag 23. mai 2012

In need of a dress?

If you are attending a wedding or a faboulous party this summer we have some dresses left which can be bought of the rack in the shop. We can assist if alterations are needed.

"Tonekjole" with beadings in peach, 8000 kr

"Tone kjole" with braids, 8000 kr

"Johanna kjolen" in blue, 7000 kr

"Johanna kjolen" in pink and grey , 7000 kr

"Acapulco", 6000 kr

"Ragne kjole" in mint, 8000 kr

"Ragne kjole" in multipattern blue/purple, 8000 kr

"Ragne kjole" in grey, 8000 kr

"Paljettkjole" 7000 kr

"Kort Talent kjole", 5000 kr

"Liza Mari kjole", 9000 kr


Back and front of the "Liza Mari kjole"

"Knytekjole" in black, 6000 kr