fredag 4. mai 2012

News; earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Yesterday we got a huge delivery containing new earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Many of the new earrings and necklaces comes in rose gold and all stones are Swarovski crystals and glass. Take a look and tell us what you think. 

Blossom earrings in a combination of rose gold and pink opals, 150 kr

Blossom necklace in rose gold, 1550 kr. This item comes with a double chain
and can also be used as a broach.

Biju necklace in multi-colour and in a grey combination, 250 kr

Chrysantemum earrings in dark pink, 200 kr

Chrysantemum bracelet in dark pink, 250 kr

 Chrysantemum earring in light pink

Chrysantemum earring in light pink

Matching bracelet, 250 kr

In a medium pink-combination

Medium pink

Double Wheel earrings in gold with light pink opal 
stone in the middle, 350 kr

Double Wheel earrings in rose gold, amethyst opal
in the middle,  350 kr

Wheel earrings in rose gold, 200 kr

Wheel earrings in gold, 200 kr

Ingrid earrings in brown crystals and white opal stones. Kr 200

Ingrid earring in a gold and green combination, 200 kr

Ingrid earring with purple stone and white opals, 200 kr

Lille Ragne earrings in brown. This model is very similar to Ingrid,
but only in a smaller size. 200 kr

Lille Ragne in green, 200 kr

Lille Ragne gold, 200 kr

Lille Ragne earring purple, 200 kr

Småsporven earrings in blue, 200 kr.
This model also comes brown and green.

Småsporven in pink, 200 kr

Square earrings in amethyst, 200 kr

Square in montana, 200 kr

Square in pink with rose gold plating, 200 kr

Happy weekend!:)