fredag 11. mai 2012

Our flowergarden

Yesterday the weather was so depressing; it was so cold and the rain would just not stop pouring down. So since the sun refused to show up we decided to make a flowergarden in the shop. Maria, our head visual merchandiser, did such a good job; the window-display looks just like a garden on a warm summers day.

Maria in progress

Doesent this windowdisplay just make you dream of warm and sunny weather?
Its is just so pretty and pink:)

We have so many beautiful collars in stock now.
Visit to see all the different models.

Camilla providing a helping hand

If you still have not found the perfect shoe for your wedding 
we still have some sizes left in stock. From the left: "Colvi" 2300 kr, "Bonya" is
one of our newest models from Chie Mihara, 2700 kr, "Nadal" 2300 kr

Pretty flower earrings and bracelets.The bracelet on the right is
called "Soria Moria" and in gold it costs 1100 kr. For closeup pictures
of the earrings in the box see the following pictures. 

"Ingrid" in pink 200 kr. This model has a matching bracelet and necklace.

"Ragne" 400 kr. We also have this model in red, silver and black

"Sonia rose AB" 250 kr. 

Cecilie having a snack while doing officework

While the shop got a makeover, Ingrid and Kirsti were making new beautiful dresses