torsdag 30. august 2012

Shoes from Minna Parikka

We are so proud to announce that for the first time in history you can now buy fabulous shoes from Minna Parikka in a store in Norway. And where can you buy it? Here at the Cecilie Melli shop off course!

Minna Parikka herself

Minna’s love of footwear is based on the fact that shoes – unlike clothes – don’t have to be inhabited by a body in order to look attractive. But while they’re beautiful alone, it’s when a woman steps into a pair that the magic really happens. The right shoes can change how she looks, feels and is seen by others. And as objects of desire for women and men, they’re not just symbols of power but its Holy Grail.

Her work has been featured in international publications, such as Vogue, Vogue Pelle, Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Glamour, Collezioni, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, WAD, French and Sleek, just to name a few. She even has her very own first class postage stamp in Finland and three pages in SCARPE!, a book of shoes by Rizzoli.

"My designs are almost like love letters from one high heel shoe lover to another. Allow yourself to be playful and let a pair lead you to new adventures. Life is too short to take style too seriously."

—Minna Parikka

Here in our store we have the "MINNA PARIKKA S/S 2012 COLLECTION “HEARTBEATS”.  The collection reflects Minna   Parikka’s heart beats for tropical acid tones, melting ice cream, wings that take you high to the bright blue sky and heart decorations perfect for holiday romances and the electric nights.
Heels from zero to 13 cm and everything in between in edgy acid yellow and green suede, delicious powder patent, fruity orange and berry reptile embossed leather, sophisticated metallic shades, sweet mint green ostrich replica leather and shocking electrified blue and pink suede. 

Patent leather like melted ice cream drops over a pair of shoes. "Melt" in fuchsia, 2700 NOK. 

Melt in black, 2700 NOK

"Raquel", 2300 NOK. This heart decorated classic Minna Parikka shoes were worn by Beth Ditto.

This is the cutest pair of stilettos ever. "Angora" grey suede leather with bunny-ears, 2600 NOK 

Angora in black, 2600 NOK

Angora grey in the middle

"Gwyneth" creme, 2800 NOK

"Gwyneth" negro, 2800 NOK

"Roseum" in a gorgeous blue and brown leather combination, 2500 NOK

So now you do not have any legitmate reasons for not stopping by our store this weekend!