søndag 5. august 2012

Sneak peek of the winter 2012/13 catalog

Winter 2012/13 catalog is called 'Atelier'. 

The Cecilie Melli fall 2012/13 collection is built around an image of a curious and playful art student. A girl and her fascination for arts, nature and science. 
 It's inspired by the design process itself, and the enlightening research done to create the collection. The creativity is floating in a universe of art and science, history and future, technology and nature. 
 You see this in the earrings inspired by the patterns in the autumn leaves, the water coloured swarovski crystals, the experimenting with the old, vintagy feel of the dusty feather broaches with the meeting of the acrylic, more futuristic necklaces. That all yet play so well together.
 The collection contains of cashmere knits of boy-ish sweaters in masculine colours, popping yellow salmon skin clutches, swarovski earrings and feather broaches. All mixed up to get you to the playful and philosophical side of existence.

More photos to come. I love them. What do you think?

Photo: Oda Berby
Model: Inga
Hair and make up: Tina Torstad
Styling: Kirsti/Cecilie
Photo assistant: Sigve