onsdag 5. september 2012

Cecilie Melli weddingdresses at "Sans for Bryllup"

Here at Cecilie Melli we have undergone a bit of a change when it comes to making and sewing dresses. Up until recently every dress were tailored to suit each customer. Because there are so many of you who wants to wear a Cecilie Melli weddingdress or a coctaildress we do not have the capacity to make as many dresses as we would have like to. So, in order to please everyone who has been turned down when it comes to getting a dress made we have now stocked up on readymade dresses which one can actually bring home with you the same day you try it on.

These readymade dresses also means that retailers across the country can now sell Cecilie Melli dresses as well. And our first weddingdress-retailer is situated in Lillehammer, "Sans for Bryllup". They had their grand opening last saturday. Sans for Bryllup`s aim is to provide the bride with everything she needs before the big event. At Sans for Bryllup you can buy your weddingdress, accessorize (accessories from Cecilie Melli of course:), getting help with finding the right underwear garments as well as getting your hair and make-up done in the adjacent hair-studio. What more could one ask for?:)

There will be no difficulties finding the right accessoires when visiting Sans for Bryllup, the bowls are literally bursting with delightful Cecilie Melli accesories

The girls behind the consept

Here are some of the Cecilie Melli dresses you will find when visiting Sans for Bryllup

The "Guro" dress. This one comes in two different
styles - the original and with grey lace.

The "Tone" dress

The "Maria" dress. This one also comes in two different styles - 
one with flowers and the other with crystals.

The "Cathrine" dress

And the "Lene" dress

Glass pearl necklace in creme

Elena necklace in a grey combination

The ever so popular Snowball earrings in silver shadow 

Snowball in peach

In sky blue

Beluga earrings in creme

Snegle bracelet in white

Imperial bracelet in a silver/black combination

Cube bracelet in clear

Penny bracelet

Big Fish clutch in white

Small Fish in light blue

To try on some of the gorgeous dresses on visit "Sans for Bryllup" at Lars Skrefsrudsgate 2, 2615 Lillehammer. Tlf: 904 10 161