lørdag 15. september 2012

First day of Vienna

After weeks and weeks of hard work preparing for our trip we finally arrived in Vienna. What to do in Vienna? A vintage fair. Hallelujah!!

To get the shoulders down, my first glass of wine in ages.

Practice some German. Check!

We were shocked that you still can smoke inside in Austria. And people were smoking like crazy. Not good for our wardrobe that is supposed to last for 3 weeks. It stinks already

Window shopping and architecture spotting

Then ready for our night out. Mario Soldo who runs the model agency Mother Agency called me and said I was supposed to be at a mall at 8 to be in the jury for a model contest. Be sure to look glamorous he said. I said 'ok'.

To get the look I had to wear  my bunny shoes from Minna Parikka :)

Ready to go!

My sister Christine came over to support me <3 p="p">

More jury people

Hard work

Mario giving us instructions

Job done

These are the winners. I got to deside on the male model and Walid was numero uno. Cutie!

Finished day at work and hungry. Wieners in Vienna

These are brightening up our hotel room. Today we are going to a garden party hosted by the Norwegian ambassador Jan Petersen. I will give a preview of my show that I'm having tomorrow. So stay tuned for more fashion news from Vienna.