tirsdag 2. oktober 2012


October has arrived, indicating that it is definitely autum once again. Leaves on trees have started to transform from crispy green colours into rich and delicious colours like different shades of red, yellow and orange. Nature is definitly showing itself from one of its better sides colourwise. The air is getting colder and we wrap ourselves into warm and cozy garments.

Underneath you will find accessories and knits that compliments natures own colour scheme at the moment. Treat yourself to a new pair of earrings in the rich colour «padparacha», a warm cashmire poncho and sweater or a new leather-clutch in a bown/yellow combination.

Two of our newest leather-clutches, "Harmonica". 900 kr

Cat-clutch with Swarovski crystals kr 10.000

"Cabouchon" earrings in emerald and peach, 200 kr

Leaf earrings "Magnolia" in gold. These also comes in orange. 150 kr

"Cecilie" earrings in a cognac/gold-combination. 250 kr

"Cloudberry" earrings in the colour padparacha. 200 kr

The clutch nude clutch in the middle of the picture is "Stone Clutch" and 
it also comes in creme and black. 450 kr

This little fellow can either be used as a key-chain or as a purse-charm. "Pitbull" kr 200. 

Imagine sitting under a blanket, listening to the rain falling outside while 
enjoying a huge cup of your favorite tea wearing this chasmere pocho. 2100 kr 

"Rolf" oversized sweather in cashmere. Can also be used as a dress. Comes in dark green as seen in the picture, camel and grey. 1350 kr

Gretha necklace, 200 kr

"Siux" earrings in brown. They are made of ceramics and costs 200 kr.
The pink rose-earrings "Camelia" also costs 200 kr.  

Liza ring, 250 kr

Acapulco earrings in orange, 150 kr. Also found in yellow. 

Red delicious suede pumps from "Chie Mihara", "Nerito Rojo". 2400 kr. 
We only have a few pair left so dont be hesitant if you want to try them on.

Nature-pictures borrowed from google.com