mandag 3. desember 2012

News and re-stocked items

We have received our first December-delivery of accessories-news!:) We have also re-stocked on popular sold-out items. 

"Cherry" earrings, 200 kr

"Classy" earrings, 200 kr

"Cloudberry" earrings in emerald, 200 kr

Flowerbud earrings in montana/AB, 250 kr

The cutest pair of earrings ever! "Golden Bird" earrings, 200 kr

"Gullblomst" in rose-gold, 200 kr

"Lolita" earring 150 kr

"Flowerbud" montana/AB, 250 kr

"Snowball" earring in burgundy, 300 kr

"Soria Moria" bracelet in burgundy, 800 kr

"Soria Moria" bracelet in emerald, 800 kr

"Soria Moria" bracelet pacific opal, 800 kr

These are our re-stocked items:

"Snowball" earring in jet, 350 kr

"Cloudberry" earring in sand opal, 200 kr

"Flowerbud" earring hematite, 250 kr

"Flowerbud" white, 250 kr

"Four" earring erenite, 250 kr

"Four" earring in smokey topaz, 250 kr

"Frost" in pacific opal, 300 kr

"Henie", 250 kr

The most gorgeous colour ever: "Snowball" in padparacha. The picture does not not give the colour much justice. The colour is a mix of red, orange and gold with gold-plating. 350 kr

"Snowball" ring in  hematite, 200 kr

"Snowball" ring in metallic gold, 200 kr

"Snowball" ring montana, 200 kr

"Snowball" ring in silver shadow", 200 kr

"Snowball" earring in silver shadow, 350 kr

"Snowball" earring purple, 350 kr

"Snowball" earring in hematite, 300 kr

"Snowball" earring in jade, 300 kr

"Snowball" earring in peach, 300 kr

"Snowball" earring in white opal, 300 kr