torsdag 28. februar 2013

Inspiration for spring

Even though it's freezing outside, the weatherforcast predicts that the sunny weather we have experienced the last couple of days are holding ground and spring is almost here, finally!:) 

Now it's time to wear bright colored accessories!  We have a wide range of earrings in yellow, green, blue and turquise - colors perfect for spring. We also have the coolest salmon purse in yellow or bright blue :)

Sunflower 200 NOK

Cabouchon mint 200 NOK

Panama turquise 200 NOK

Acapulco orange 150 NOK

Gullblomst perler 200 NOK

Magnolia orange 150 NOK

Wine Grape green 150 NOK

Småspurven green 200 NOK

Salvador orange 150 NOK

Inca turquise 150 NOK

Princess turquise 150 NOK

Navaho pink 150 NOK

Copa Cabana pink 150 NOK (also in light blue)

Small fish bag yellow 1900 NOK

Glass Pearl necklace pink 450 NOK