tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Tuesday news

News in the shop: Droplet earring, 250 kr.
All earrings and necklaces made with Swarovski crystals.
This colour is called rose water opal

Droplet earring in the colour Pacific Opal. Yummi!!

All earrings has matching necklaces with a 16" chain with extension.
The necklaces costs 200 kr.

Ensemble earrings in the colour Cyclamen Opal, 300 kr. A beautiful color purple with a hint of red in it.

Ensemble necklace, 200 kr
The ensemble style is also available in White Opal

Four earrings, 250 kr. This color is called Clear

With matching necklace, 200 kr.

Four earrings in col. Black Diamond
Also available in Emerald

Four necklace in col Black Diamond

This is our new hit for winter. Regular earring in col Black Diamond, 350 kr.

Regular earring Pacific Opal

Regular earring Peach

Regular earring Rose Water Opal

Regular earring White Opal

All Regular earings has matching necklace, 250 kr.