tirsdag 3. januar 2012

Budekjole sommer 2012

I am so proud of the photoshoot we did with our wedding dresses, talented photographer Oda Berby and amazing model Kaja.
As the wedding season is coming closer I wanted to inform you all that we still have room for some new brides:)

Cecilie Melli bridal pieces blend individual dreams with professional craftsmanship. Customers wishes, technical essentials and aestethics are very important to us, and all staff in the atelier and design department are highly experienced and well educated.
To try on our dresses, please book an appointment on tel: 21 44 79 68
We will charge you NOK 1000,- for an entire hour with one of our trained staff and the dresses you want to try on. This amount will be forwarded when you buy a Cecilie Melli dress.
The lead production time for a Cecilie Melli dress is around 4 months depending on the design and material chosen. We also have some ready to wear dresses in our shop for all of you that need a shorter production time.