mandag 9. januar 2012

LA stories

First day in LA:
It started with a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The hotel is Hotel Avalon and is located in Beverly Hills. It's an old motel redecorated into a luxurious boutique hotel. It has a kidney shaped pool whitch I havent tryed out yet. The day was sunny and warm and we couldnt wait to get out and see the city.

The bar. The entire hotel goes in these beautiful pale green colours

This was the boys breakfast...

...and this was the girls breakfast. Berries and scrambled egg-whites. Mmmmm

Kirsti and Ole is our company to the trip

and I also brought my husband Magnus

Next: Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive. It felt like we were in a lot of different movies. Everything, you've seen before somewhere.

Fast cars everywhere

This is Kirsti outside the hotel the venue we are attending. If you zoom in and look closely behind Kirsti you'll see some of the locals. Lol:)

The day was so nice and warm so we decided to take a trip down to Santa Monica pier. 

The view looked almost fake

After a few hours in the sun we got really hungry. I had som tuna with vegetables. True Hollywood style. No carbs.

We managed to capture the sunset before we left Santa Monica

I can't beleive this is real!

and also the moon that came up when we were strolling towards Venice beach

Mitch Buchannon was closing up for the day

A little drink at the hotel before we went to dinner

More tuna...

This was our first day. Today the sun is shining and we are planning to head towards fashion district to get the last stuff we need to set up our stand at The Lux Hotel tomorrow. We have brought 25 dresses to show to the starts and also some earrings and jewelry. I got the invite list yesterday and I'm excited to see who shows up on thursday. I will keep you posted:)