tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Day two in LA

The jet-lag got me last night. We managed to stay awake till 1.30! but after a phone call from the fridge repair people in Norway around 3AM I couldn't sleep anymore. I had plenty of time to plan the day and everything we had to fix for our stand on thursday. At nine we were ready for breakfast and had a few minutes to chill in the lobby. I still love the decorations.

While we waited for the UPS to deliver our dresses we got to do some shopping in Beverly Hills. Daniela was picking us up after waiting for the UPS, to go downtown to fashion district to get the stuff we needed. The sun was shining and it got hotter every minute.

I really enjoyed this warm and sunny morning after hearing reports of snow and ice in Oslo.

Beverly Hills. We expected to see Brenda and Brandon, Donna and you know....

Summer, summer, summer

I did my morning shopping at Anthropologi. I bought silk blouses, scented candles and door knobs. I always make sure to by stuff for my home when I find this shop. I especially love the bone and glass doorknobs and cabinet knobs that I buy even if I don't know where to put them. One lazy day I feel the inspiration coming, redecorate a bureau and put some nice knobs on, done!

Back to the hotel waiting for the dresses. And it was getting hotter.

Chilling by the pool, trying to get a tan.

Kirsti captured me right before I pulled my legs out, lol

Daniela picked us up in her suv and took us shopping downtown. She mentioned the city was still a bit quiet after christmas. I thought that LA was always this calm. After shopping she took us to a cafe in Larchmont. This is a street with small shops and cafes, true european style. We did some celeb-spotting. Right next to us: Adrien Brody

After a lunch and some sightseeing we took the trip to Beverly center mall and did some more shopping

The best shop for skanky dresses. I almost got tempted to try on the orange one. Wouldn't that be a sight?

Chinese dinner with shrimps and crispy duck. We got asked for id when we ordered wine. That's why we look so happy:)

Kirsti right before she put her pretty face back on.
I begged for an early night even though we got invited to a jazz/rock club. I got my way and was sleeping at 10. Today is a new day and we're heading towards the Getty center for some inspiration. But first, a green machine smoothie with broccoli, apples and kiwi.