onsdag 15. august 2012

Fashion week so far

Oslo fashion week is on and it's busy busy. I am not showing but I am trying to get to see most designers showing. The week started with my work shop on IKEA Tkstileriet at Grünerløkka. Check out this link for more photos and video of the work shop.

A lot of fashion students showed up. We had a good hour of me showing my work and answering a lot of questions from the curious students. Thank you everyone who showed up:)

I am having a visitor at my home this week. My friend from fashion school Kristine Vikse. She's attending fashion week with her collection and received a price at the opening of fashion week. She came home with these lovely flowers. Beautiful!

We are having a great time in between all the shows talking about old times, fashion, business and playing with my kitties:)

Paper flowers decorations

Her collection is romantic and candy coloured, but more edgy and bold than previous collections. Feminine summer knits of tops and dresses with art deco/aztec prints and simplistic silk dresses. Kristine, I want it!

After Kristine's show we saw TSH. The place was packed so I didn't get any good photos, but the collection was amazing. Check it out here

Kristine herself. My 'old' sweet friend:) I love you!!

I love this photo! It's me and my friends from school, Anette, Synnøve and Kristine.