fredag 17. august 2012

More fashion

'Mardou and Dean' was showing yesterday at Kanonhallen.
The photographers were ready and we were all excited

After a good wait it was on. 'Mardou and Dean' was showing jeans, dresses and shoes

I loved the coulourful front row, and the collection off course. We were very excited about the leather jackets and the white summer dresses. Kirsti and I planned for a field trip to their shop any time soon. To try on the fabulous jeans(buy them too) and the cool leather jackets. Me want!!

Our girl Mimi Blix made a stunning impression. We have a date with Mimi today and I am so excited to work with her:)

Flower printed silk kimonos were some of my favourites

Check out this dress, and the shoes!

And see how happy we are:) We are professional party goers so I came straight from a heavy work-out, shower and home made dinner for my kids. Drove my car to the party so no drinks for us and then straight back home for a good nights sleep to get up bright and shining for a lot of exciting work today. Today I have dates with several stars who needs to be dressed for premiers, tv shows, red carpets and music videos. Again, I love my job!!

A little too much?