mandag 29. oktober 2012

Fancy a new treat?

We have a new windowdisplay; it is so delicate with a touch of art deco inspiration. The colour-scheme runs in purple, pink, camel and gold! So if you are free this weekend, come down and take a look and tell us what you think:)

Maria in action. What do you think about her cardigan? The cardigan is called "Nordavind" and we have a few left in light blue, grey and light yellow. They are made of norwegian rauma-wool and are perfect for cold autumn days. The beading and lace are sewn on by hand in our sewing-departement. The price is 1250 kr.

Fancy something new? 

On the rack: hand made collars, 1000 kr
Left corner: Stone clutch in nude and purple, 450 kr

Right corner: "Bowler" leather bag in pink, 1100 kr
"Frilly" clutch in vanilla, 450 kr

Mannequin to the left: "Rolf" cashmire sweater in camel, 1350 kr, "Vera" cashmire poncho in grey, 2100 kr, "Harmonica" leather bag in pink, 900 kr, "Glass pearl" necklace in blue, 350 kr
Mannequin to the right: "Rolf" cashmire sweater in grey, 1350 kr, handmade skirt in silk chiffon, 1500 kr, "Kari" necklace, 200 kr

Mannequin to the right: "Hugin" cashmire cardigan in mulvarp, 1500 kr. "Vera" poncho in camel, 2100 kr, handmade silk chiffon skirt in mint, 1500 kr. Please disregard the H&M logo window reflection, that is absolutely not part of the design...:)

Tone is redecorating the counter. 

Here is a close-up of the "Droplet" earrings Tone have placed on the counter. Currently we have four colours in stock. From the left: vintage rose, black diamant, pacific opal and rose water opal. Droplet earring costs 250 kr. This model also comes as a necklace, see picture below.

Droplet necklace in pacific opal, 200 kr

Ingrid ear in brown, 200 kr. Valentina bracelet in black/brown, 300 kr.
 Snowball ring in metallic gold, 200 kr. Ice Cube ring in jet, 350 kr

Close-up of gorgeous "Valentina" bracelet in brown, 300 kr. This bracelet also comes in a red/gold combination.

To the left: "Eldorado" ring in purple, 350 kr
To the right: "Oval" ring in pink, 350 kr

Our newest leather bags, "Harmonica", 900 kr. 
Notice the supercute key chain/purse charms on rack on the right, 200 kr.