mandag 19. november 2012

Party season at Cecilie Melli

We are slowly closing in on the ultimate glamour-month for many; December. December equals both christmas and new years eve-parties, dresses, glamour, gold, glitter, laughter and late nights. Many find it difficult to decide what to wear and what kind of accessoires to put on. But despair no longer, we at Cecilie Melli have chosen what we think you should wear during this year`s party-season. We love the combination of gold, black, burgundy and pink. The color-combo screams luxury, glamour, late nights (perhaps shared with a dark and handsome man...), coctails and promise of a new year filled with delightfull treats. 

This years most glamourous statement necklace! "Barock" necklace in black, 2000 kr. 

"Barock" earrings in black with antique gold plating, 300 kr. This item as been extremly popular the last few days. Anyone know if it as been fronted in a magazine lately? The size and color-combination makes it easy to use these earrings to a wide range of outfits.

"Medusa" broach in burgundy, 450 kr. This item can be used either as a pendant or as a broach.

"Paris" dress, 15.000 kr. Imagine dancing all night long or zipping 
to a coctail or two dressed in this amazing dress. Heaven!

Close up of the back of the dress

From the left: "Amareto" in burgundy from Chie Mihara, 2600 kr
"Asis" in burgundy, 2700 kr

"Amareto". Sizes left in stock are: sz 37 (2), 38 (2), 39 (2) and 40 (2).

Spotted at the bottom of the picture above: "Elena" earrings in a gold and black combiation, 350 kr

From the left: "Soria Moria" bracelet in gold, 1100 kr, "Valentina" bracelet in brown/gold 300 kr, "Chain" bracelet 450 kr

Close up of "Soria Moria". This bracelet also comes in clear and copper. 

Who does not want to wear this year`s cutest shoes from Minna Parikka?
 Suede stilettos with bunny-ears ""Angora", 2600 kr.

Ice Cube necklace in black/gold, 1050 kr

"Stone Clutch" in black, 450 kr

A short version of  the "Tone" dress, 6000 kr. It is possible to buy this dress both in a
 long version (7000 kr) and with or without the beaded belt.
For more information about the dress, please call our shop at 21 44 79 68

Flowerbud earring in cyclamen, 250 kr

"Knytekjole" in a light brown colour, 6000 kr. This model also comes in a soft pink version and grey version. If you prefer long dresses we can also assists with that:)

"Knytekjolen" with "Elena" necklace in black/gold, 700 kr

"Madrid" earrings in gold, 300 kr

"Madrid" in black, 300 kr

This year`s ultimate party bracelet? We definitly think so:) "Peacock" bracelet, 1050 kr.

If you are attending a fabulous party in the near future we would love to hear about it!:)