fredag 30. september 2011

Documentary junkie

I am a documentary junkie. And look what I found! Grey Gardens the original documentary. Lately I have also watched films with topics like Why beauty matters and Impressionism: Revenge of the nice. This makes me work for hours and hours as I can watch it while I make some new dresses or design a new collection. It's so inspiring and educating, and legal as well.
Please feel free to namedrop some other documentaries worth watching.

torsdag 29. september 2011

Johanna Öst

Beautiful Johanna Öst in a shawl by me. Photos from her own blog Johanna Öst

Johanna is so good with colours. I get so inspired by her. Let's go get a new eyeshadow for the weekend.

Here she is in a brand new pair of gloves I got in my shop. Beautiful greenish blue.

søndag 25. september 2011

Sylvia is back!

Sylvia, the rose style necklace below has been accompanied with a pair of earrings and bracelet.
It's been a while since we had the neclace in our shop but now its back.
Sylvia earrings kr 400,. available in gray, crystalAB and gold/brown

Sylvia necklace kr 750,-
Available in gray, crystal AB, gold/brown

Sylvia bracelet 450,-
available in gray, crystal AB, gold/brown, cerise, gold/crystal

Natasha earrings kr 500,-
Available in Violet and Jet

Nesrin earrings Violet kr 950,-
Also available in Jet and Topaz

Zarina earrings Jet kr 350,-
Also available in Violet and Topaz

Farah earrings Violet kr 950,-
Also available in Jet and Topaz

Rania earrings Jet kr 500,-
Also available in Violet and Topaz

Ivana earrings Topaz 950,-
Also available in Violet and Gray/Jet

Chain earrings gold kr 450,-
Also available in Jet and Silver

We have also received these glass bead necklaces in blue stone imitation kr 400,- and...

Yellow stone imitation kr 400,-
Please come to my shop to check them all out. They look much better in real life.

fredag 23. september 2011

It's Friday!!!!

I was so inspired by the sun and the fact that it was friday today that I made this painting when I came to work this morning. I needed a painting for my window exhibition and painted this with the colour for autumn. LOVE is in the air!

Maria and Camilla have styled the window in the shop with all the new products for fall. Colours, mmmmmm! I can almost taste it.

I wanted the window to have a artistic feel to it. Because painting and kissing are the best activities for rainy nights. 

Come to my shop and check out all the new gear we have for looking irresistable.

Purse charms for everyday chicness.

Beautyful, sweet and the best Maria ever is working this weekend. Come and say hello.

Moody blue for a cool girl

I bought all my art supplies at Søstrene Grene and I wanna paint some more! I think I know what to do this weekend.

torsdag 22. september 2011

Last from swedish magazines

Expressen mode og skönhet



onsdag 21. september 2011

News continued...

More news to my shop. We are bulking up for the party season so in case you're in need of something to top your outfit, you know where to go. Or send your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or father to buy you the perfect gift.
Barock glass necklace Jet 1700kr

Barock glass necklace Clear 1700 kr

Evil eye earrings Jet 850 kr
Feather earrings Jet 400 kr
Feather earrings Olive 400 kr

Chained bracelet w/extention 450 kr

Peacock bracelet multicoloured AB 1050 kr
Also available in green combo

Icecube necklace Clear 1050 kr
Available as set with ring 350kr, and earrings 300 kr

Icecube necklace Jet 1050 kr
Available as set with ring 350 kr, and earrings 300 kr

tirsdag 20. september 2011

Chie Mihara for autumn

Its autumn and the gorgeous Chie Mihara boots has just arrived my shop. I love them and cannot live without one or more brand new pairs of boots in delicious colours. If its zipped or lace ups I can make it work with my new fall wardrobe. I even used a pair of the brown grandma laceups for the bridal photos coming up. It looked so cool with a white lace dress and brown boots. I dare someone out there use them the same way for their wedding.

Obina 2900 kr

Mundina 3700 kr

Casandra 3700 kr

Modena 3990 kr

Nadal 2300 kr

Risita 2200 kr
Cosi 2200 kr

Vanity 2050 kr



Carosa 2900 kr

We also have some styles of more traditional bridal shoes in Chie Mihara. The most comfortable shoes in the world made in super soft goats leather.