fredag 29. juni 2012

New retailer in Namsos

A happy announcement for all you who live in Namsos and visitors in that area: Gullsmed Hans Ofstad has now Cecilie Melli accessoires for sale! So if you are close by, give them a visit and embrace all the beautiful items they now have in stock. These are some of the items you can buy at Gullsmed Hans Ofstad:

Lille Ragne earrings in brown

Karen earrings in yellow

Svale earrings

Regular earrings in rose water opal

Regular necklace in black diamond

Camalie bracelet in yellow

Baby Panther ring in silver

Gullsmed Hans Ofstad
Verftsgata 4
7800 Namsos 
tlf: 74 27 33 77

tirsdag 19. juni 2012


Today we got the last items in our summer-collection!:) 
 But hurry up if you want some of these as we only have them in limited stock.

Karen earring in yellow, 200 kr

Karen earring dark purple, 200 kr 

Linea earring, 200 kr

Mini-Chrysantemum earring creme, 200 kr

Mini-Chrysantemum earring in light peach, 200 kr

Peru earring in creme, this model also comes in brown, 150 kr

Rose earring in yellow, 200 kr

Rose earring in creme, 200 kr

Rose earring in light peach, 200 kr

Ruby earring in clear, 300 kr

Ruby in montana, 300 kr

and in black, 300 kr

The perfect wedding earring, Camilla at 250 kr

Charlotte earring, 250 kr

Acapuclo now in orange as well! 150 kr

Commanche earring in grey, 200 kr

Commanche earring brown, 200 kr

Commanche earring in blue, 200 kr

Aparaho earring in grey, 200 kr

brown, 200 kr

blue, 200 kr

Siux earring in grey 200 kr

In brown, 200 kr

and in blue, 200 kr

fredag 15. juni 2012

20 % off on selected items tomorrow only!

Tomorrow, saturday june 16th, many of the shops located around Karl Johan are participating in a market-day! Due to this very festive occation you will get 20 % off on all bracelets, rings and hairpieces at Cecilie Melli! So come down to our shop in Nedre Slottsgate 15 and go bananas!:) Underneath you find pictures of just a few of the items you get 20 % off.

To see all products visit

Openinghours are 12.00-17.00. 


Alexis ring

Aristocrat ring i gul

Baby Panther ring

Eldorado, black

Ice Cube

Oval ring in champagne/gold


Snowball ring in silver shadow

Angelina bracelet in brown

Camelia bracelet

Cato bracelet in red

Chain bracelet

Chrysantemum bracelet in medium pink



Headband with bow


Hippie headband

Rosett in creme

Rosett orange

Headband with white beads

Headband with turquise beads