torsdag 30. august 2012

Shoes from Minna Parikka

We are so proud to announce that for the first time in history you can now buy fabulous shoes from Minna Parikka in a store in Norway. And where can you buy it? Here at the Cecilie Melli shop off course!

Minna Parikka herself

Minna’s love of footwear is based on the fact that shoes – unlike clothes – don’t have to be inhabited by a body in order to look attractive. But while they’re beautiful alone, it’s when a woman steps into a pair that the magic really happens. The right shoes can change how she looks, feels and is seen by others. And as objects of desire for women and men, they’re not just symbols of power but its Holy Grail.

Her work has been featured in international publications, such as Vogue, Vogue Pelle, Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Glamour, Collezioni, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, WAD, French and Sleek, just to name a few. She even has her very own first class postage stamp in Finland and three pages in SCARPE!, a book of shoes by Rizzoli.

"My designs are almost like love letters from one high heel shoe lover to another. Allow yourself to be playful and let a pair lead you to new adventures. Life is too short to take style too seriously."

—Minna Parikka

Here in our store we have the "MINNA PARIKKA S/S 2012 COLLECTION “HEARTBEATS”.  The collection reflects Minna   Parikka’s heart beats for tropical acid tones, melting ice cream, wings that take you high to the bright blue sky and heart decorations perfect for holiday romances and the electric nights.
Heels from zero to 13 cm and everything in between in edgy acid yellow and green suede, delicious powder patent, fruity orange and berry reptile embossed leather, sophisticated metallic shades, sweet mint green ostrich replica leather and shocking electrified blue and pink suede. 

Patent leather like melted ice cream drops over a pair of shoes. "Melt" in fuchsia, 2700 NOK. 

Melt in black, 2700 NOK

"Raquel", 2300 NOK. This heart decorated classic Minna Parikka shoes were worn by Beth Ditto.

This is the cutest pair of stilettos ever. "Angora" grey suede leather with bunny-ears, 2600 NOK 

Angora in black, 2600 NOK

Angora grey in the middle

"Gwyneth" creme, 2800 NOK

"Gwyneth" negro, 2800 NOK

"Roseum" in a gorgeous blue and brown leather combination, 2500 NOK

So now you do not have any legitmate reasons for not stopping by our store this weekend! 

tirsdag 28. august 2012

Back in stock

Hi everyone! Take a look at these beauties; they are now back in stock. Come down to the shop and take a look at them (and maybe even buy one..:)

Enameled "Camelia" earrings in pink, 200 kr. We also have this model in yellow.

"Camelia" bracelet in pink, so cute! 450 kr

"Blossom" earring, 150 kr

"Blossom necklace", 1550 kr. We only have 12 pieces of this model.
 Can be used either as a necklace or as a broach

This is how the necklace looks when wearing it. 
The necklace has a double chain.

"Double Wheel" in gold with rose water opal-crystals, 350 kr. 

torsdag 23. august 2012

Gave og interiør-messa på Lillestrøm

Vi er på gavemessa på Lillestrøm om dagen. Her skal vi være fra i dag og ut søndag. Det vi håper på nå er å få flere forhandlere av både accessoirer, kjoler og cashmir. Vi har mottat kjoler fra vår produsent i Hong Kong og de er så fine at når jeg ser på dem føles det som jeg har laget dem selv!

Se det pene stativet med silkekjoler. Det er nå også mulighet for butikker andre enn min egen å selge Cecilie Melli kjoler. Så nøl ikke med å komme innom meg på gavemessa eller ta kontakt med butikken om du er interessert. 

Her før standen vår ble ferdig. Vi gjør jo alt selv så her er det Kirsti som kryper rundt på gulvet.

Nydelige draperinger...

...og volanger

og et hav av blomsterøredobber

Her er cashmirstrikken som jeg også er veldig fornøyd med. Kjolesesongens vinner bør bli denne boleroen som ma kan få i flere farger som passer til julekjolen.

English: I'm at a trade fair at Lillestrøm, Norway. Waiting for retail customers for my beautifully manufactured dresses, cashmere knits and accessories. So come on over!

onsdag 22. august 2012

Gave og Interiørmesse, Lillestrøm 23rd-26th august 2012

This weekend  (23rd-26th august 2012) you are more than welcome to visit our booth (boothno. B03-16) at the Gave og Interiørmesse in Lillestrøm. Openinghours are: Thursday 23rd-Friday 24th: 09.00-19.00, Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th: 10.00-17.00

At our booth, retailers will be able to see and order from our newest accessories-collection as well as from our brand new dress-collection. For the first time in history, retailers can now buy Cecilie Melli wedding and coctaildresses. The dresses are amazing, so we urge everyone to come and have a look.

If you want to book an appointment with us at the fair, please send us an email at or call 21 44 79 68.

We look forward seeing you there:)

tirsdag 21. august 2012

Cartier advertale

This has been a absolutely grrreat day! I have been to trend forecast conference and heard everything on winter 2013/14 trends. I'll post some more from this event later, not reveal too much off course:), but now I want to show you all something insanely amazing.
Cartier has made a advertisement film called L'Odyssée and I want to share it with you. All I can say is OMG!! See it here and let me know what you think. This ad is called an advertale because of the fairytale-like feel to it. I love!!

I have a Cat collection myself. Check out the rings on my website here



Four some time now our "Droplet"-earring has been a popular choice amongst our customers. We have now added these two stunning colours to our Droplet-collection, denimblue and vintage rose. To see the whole colour scheme please see our webpage At all times the products presented on our webpage are just waiting for a new owner to take them home. 

Droplet ear in the colour denimblue, 250 kr

Droplet ear, vintage rose, 250 kr

Barock ear, 300 kr. 

The Barock earrings is part of a set. It goes along with the necklace "Barock jet", 2000 kr. The items can of course be purchased separately.

Peru earrings in brown, 150 kr. This model also comes in a creme-combination.

Gullblomst perle

  Foto: Siv Johanne Seglem / Dagbladet
Linnéa Myhre wearing "Gullblomst perle"-earring in yesterdays Dagbladet web-edition.

Gullblomst perle, kr 200 kr

The model also comes with crystals, "Gullblomst strass", kr 200

fredag 17. august 2012

More fashion

'Mardou and Dean' was showing yesterday at Kanonhallen.
The photographers were ready and we were all excited

After a good wait it was on. 'Mardou and Dean' was showing jeans, dresses and shoes

I loved the coulourful front row, and the collection off course. We were very excited about the leather jackets and the white summer dresses. Kirsti and I planned for a field trip to their shop any time soon. To try on the fabulous jeans(buy them too) and the cool leather jackets. Me want!!

Our girl Mimi Blix made a stunning impression. We have a date with Mimi today and I am so excited to work with her:)

Flower printed silk kimonos were some of my favourites

Check out this dress, and the shoes!

And see how happy we are:) We are professional party goers so I came straight from a heavy work-out, shower and home made dinner for my kids. Drove my car to the party so no drinks for us and then straight back home for a good nights sleep to get up bright and shining for a lot of exciting work today. Today I have dates with several stars who needs to be dressed for premiers, tv shows, red carpets and music videos. Again, I love my job!!

A little too much?