fredag 20. juli 2012

Flirting with pink

Yesterday evening we experienced a rush of people interested in the "Oval" ring in pink. At that moment we thought that it might be a coincidence or that people just was so sick and tired of depressing weather and dark clouds that they needed some fresh colours and glamour to surround them the last weeks of this summer. But when reading the newspaper later that evening we discovered the reason for the huge interest. "Aftenposten Aften" has printed the ring in their article "En flørt med rosa".

So we have decided to act upon Aftenposten`s proposal of embracing pink.

So forget images like this and indulge yourself in pink and enjoy your summer!

Charlotte posing with "Oval" ring in pink. The ring costs 350 kr. The clutch is also from Cecilie Melli. For more information on the clutch see picture further down.

Beluga earrings in pink. 200 kr.

Amelie collar with pink ribbon. 350 kr

Pretty in pink! Alexis ring, 350 kr. Comes in size 6, 7 and 8. 

Camilla with her homemade pink macaroons. After baking for 1,5 hours, this is the result: only 5 perfect macaroons:) Bakingtips will be received with much gratitude!

Droplet nacklace in the colour rose water opal, 200 kr

To the left: Flowerbud earrings in a pink combination, 250 kr. To the right: Frilly clutch in the colour vanilla, 450 kr

Ingrid necklace. Beautiful pink flowers covered with swarovski crystals, 650 kr

Paris Hilton wearing a pink and white KrissKross dress from Cecilie Melli, May 2012

Kanari earrings, 200 kr

Peacock ring in pink, 350 kr.

You can never have to much pink!

Regular earrings in vintage rose, 350 kr. 

Rose earrings in light peach, 200 kr

torsdag 12. juli 2012

Our favorites this summer

We are so lucky to be able to work with gorgeous and pretty accessories everyday! Here you can see what some of our staff has as their favourite item right now. 

Cecilie with her favourite items at the moment; 
Troll necklace in gold and Camelia earring in yellow.

Troll necklace, 750. This items also comes in hematite 
and silver. And we even have matching earrings!
Camelia earrings in yellow. It will be possible to buy this model in a pink colour in late fall 2012. 

Beautiful Blossom necklace! This item is really stunning!! 1550 kr

Camilla with Elena necklace in black. This model is covered with a 14 k gold plating. Statement-necklaces tend to be a bit heavy, but Camilla wears this necklace all day long while working without any difficulties.
It also comes in a grey/gunmetal combination, 700 kr

Maria loves her Ragne earrings in red. She thinks that on a rainy day they make the sun shine! Maria wears them both to a crazy rock`n`roll party and to church on the following Sunday. This is the earrings you have to have if you want to feel like a million dollars!

Ragne also comes in black, silver and purple, 400 kr

Kirsti with her favourite earrings: Grape earrings in green! This model is new this summer, and it is such a sweet design. You can also get it in light pink.150 kr

Grape earring in green

Natasha with Shiny necklace in white opal. This necklace is made from swarovski glass and cost 300 kr. You can either wear it double as Natasha does or just one time around the neck. This model comes in 7 different colours, so you can easily find the perfect one for you!

Guro loves her Rita ring. This is the cutest ring ever, who doesn`t want to have 
a beautiful peacock on their finger?:) The soft colours 
combined with swarovski-crystals is so perfect for summer.

Rita, 350 kr. We only have a few left in size 8, so if you want 
one we urge you to hurry down to the shop.

Do you have a favourite item in our accessoires-line? 
We would love to hear from you:)

torsdag 5. juli 2012

New window display: festivals, colours and fun

We have a new window-display! For many people summer equals festivals, laughter, fun, music, late evenings and colours. We have taken inspiration from maybe the mother of all festivals: Woodstock in 1969. So if you are attending a festival this summer, come and take a look and be inspired by our hippie/festival display. Maybe you even will find the perfect accessories to bring with you so that you can be the queen of the ball.

Inca earrings in turquise, 150 kr

Panama earrings in turquise, 150 kr

Peace, love and fun

Our newest earrings, Siux in the back and Aparaho in the front, 200 kr. The blue colour is just so vivid and appealing! These earrings are made of ceramics.

Kari necklace, 200 kr

This owl can be used as a purse-charm or as a keychain, cute either way you use it! 200 kr

This summer festival must-have: "Kirsti" clutch. This purse can be used with or without a chain. "Rolf" chasmire sweater is a friend in need when the temperature drops. With this sweater on you can stay out with your friends all night long. Comes in dark green (picture), grey and camel, 1350 kr.

"Moose"-necklace from the Aurora-collection. With this necklace on you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Supercool, and the delicate red/brownish colour is to die for. Decorated with swarovski-crystals and 14 k gold, 350 kr.

In the back "Chain Mail" clutch in orange, 450 kr. In the middle, "Square Stone Clutch" in nude, 550 kr. In the front, "Stone Clutch" in purple, 450 kr

Hippie headband, 250 kr

Peru earrings in creme, 150 kr

Salvador earrings in green. 150 kr. Comes also in orange

Acapulco earrings in yellow, 150 kr.

Copa Cabana in pink, 150. We also have these in blue

Do you have a favourite festival-moment? We would love to hear about it:)