mandag 31. oktober 2011

Kamille november

This is the piece for Kamille we did the photoshoot earlier this month, and I wrote about here on the blog. Now you can see the results and read about how I make the days work smoothly at the atelier(that is if you read Norwegian) and how my life was before I became a fashion designer. 

Important!: the purple dress worn by Anne Rimmen is not a Cecilie Melli dress. This is a dress by Leila Hafzi. I was not aware that the magazine would use these photos and had nothing to do with them being printed. Sorry Leila for taking credit for this!


 A little pr from Strømme Stiftelsen magazine where I talk about the project I'm doing in Kenya and a little on my career and my life.

onsdag 26. oktober 2011


We just came home from Barcelona. We did a insprational trip, as it is called, and actually gained some new inspiration to keep up the spirit and make new amazing stuff. I will make a few more posts about where to go vintage shopping, eating, sightseeing and such.

See how happy we are with our tapas and cava, compared to the people in the back. 

First lunch down in the harbour. Sunny and warm compared to the cold cold rainy weather at home

Kirsti sporting outfit of the day in 'oldschool' blogger style

I had my share of sangria

Chilling by the pool

Vintage shopping

The happy gang. The photo is missing Ingvild and Ragne who also were a part of the cheerful crew.
I will post some more photos of our trip to amazing Barcelona. We also did a photo contest that we need to vote over. I maybe need you all to help us pick a winner.....later

Bracelets in the shop

More news. Cato bracelet, 400 kr. Also available in black w. topaz cz

Valentina bracelet, 300kr. Also available in black and topaz

Shadow bracelet, 350 kr. Also available in grey

Saber bracelet, 350 kr.

Imperial bracelet, 350 kr. Also available in black and clear

Jerry ring is back! 350 kr

This little fellow is also back; Baby Panter, 350 kr.

Rita ring, 350 kr.

And Bamboo bracelet, 300 kr. Also available in yellow

tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Tuesday news

News in the shop: Droplet earring, 250 kr.
All earrings and necklaces made with Swarovski crystals.
This colour is called rose water opal

Droplet earring in the colour Pacific Opal. Yummi!!

All earrings has matching necklaces with a 16" chain with extension.
The necklaces costs 200 kr.

Ensemble earrings in the colour Cyclamen Opal, 300 kr. A beautiful color purple with a hint of red in it.

Ensemble necklace, 200 kr
The ensemble style is also available in White Opal

Four earrings, 250 kr. This color is called Clear

With matching necklace, 200 kr.

Four earrings in col. Black Diamond
Also available in Emerald

Four necklace in col Black Diamond

This is our new hit for winter. Regular earring in col Black Diamond, 350 kr.

Regular earring Pacific Opal

Regular earring Peach

Regular earring Rose Water Opal

Regular earring White Opal

All Regular earings has matching necklace, 250 kr.

mandag 17. oktober 2011

Saturday I went dancing with the stars

Photo: tv2
Saturday I was invited to come see the norwegian version of Dancing with the stars. I didn't dance myself but I sure would like to. It was almost impossible to sit still in the chair as the celebrities were shaking and moving.( I also had a little wine so the party mood was on!) The reason I was invited was that we had made a dress for the host of the evening, Cathrine Moholt. She got a new edititon of the Tone dress with a full circle volume skirt and some drapings under her bust. I love the colour for her and the countless of meters of silk chiffon draped around her.

I had put my golden peachy Chie Mihara shoes on and a pink dress I bought in Hong Kong.

Look at the amazing studio. It's a real ballroom feeling.
We were placed on a table right next to the band. We also had a view backstage where we could see all the nervous stars about to come out onto the floor.

I took along Stine, my brothers sweet, dear girlfriend. And I assure you, we do know how to have a good time. 

Amazing Cathrine Moholt

Stine had to take a photo of me and Cathrine holding her skirt out. It is so light silk that you can hardly see it.

Anna Anka was out of the competition which was a shame because she was really good. Also as Lady GaGa dancing to Pokerface. She looked like she was 23 in the bathing suit outfit and boots. WOW!!

As we were about to leave we stumbled upon this guy. Åge aka Glam from Wig Wam. I felt that I knew him so I went chatting along. Stine later asked me how long I had known this guy and it came to me that I actually didn't. But you know the feeling when you see famous people and you think its an old friend.
And this was another day at work. Later this week some of us are going to Barcelona. I can hardly wait!! Sun, cava and tapas.

fredag 14. oktober 2011

Another ordinary day at work

This day was everything than ordinary. I was invited to attend a photoshoot at the Grand Hotel just down the street from my shop. It happened to be the day they opened the parliament with band playing and marching right outside our suite. We had a balcony to get a perfect view at what was going on. I pretended it was all for me:)

At the end of the street you can just see the castle. Oslo is beautiful!

The occasion was a interview for the magazine Kamille. I have never experienced this before. They had rented the Mikado suite, lined up stylist, photographer, make up artist and journalist just for me! I usually do it all myself.

The colours in the Mikado suite were beautiful and suited my wintercollection of dresses perfect. I put on different dresses and had fun with the photographer. On the couch.....

....on the bed.....

...and in the window behind the flowy curtains.

This is a teaser of what to come. Just kidding! We are not using this photo. This came out so funny we couldn't stop laughing. I laughed for days after thinking of this highly unnatural pose. Creds to photographer
Janne Rugland . I could get used to this and want to do it again!