onsdag 26. februar 2014

'Fractions' accessory summer 2014

We're proud to present:

The  C E C I L I E  M E L L I  summer 2014 ’Fractions’ collection is made with the inspiration of a girl and the city. Vision all the fractions working together that makes the city. From people and personalities to architecture and culture. The collection is made for the girl who loves to travel and experience all of this. And all the fragments and fractions that the city throws at her, that she experiences and collects, makes the complete picture she moves in. 

All photos taken by Oda Berby
Model Mimi Blix
Hair/make up Pia Ruud
Styling Kirsti Hove Steffensen

These photos were taken in late august last year. I was due this date but no baby arriving so I managed to come to the shoot and have a look at the progress. We wanted it shot around Oslo city to show the beauty of it, and I am so happy with the outcome of this. The fashion dreamteam has done it again! Hope you liked it :)