torsdag 28. februar 2013

Inspiration for spring

Even though it's freezing outside, the weatherforcast predicts that the sunny weather we have experienced the last couple of days are holding ground and spring is almost here, finally!:) 

Now it's time to wear bright colored accessories!  We have a wide range of earrings in yellow, green, blue and turquise - colors perfect for spring. We also have the coolest salmon purse in yellow or bright blue :)

Sunflower 200 NOK

Cabouchon mint 200 NOK

Panama turquise 200 NOK

Acapulco orange 150 NOK

Gullblomst perler 200 NOK

Magnolia orange 150 NOK

Wine Grape green 150 NOK

Småspurven green 200 NOK

Salvador orange 150 NOK

Inca turquise 150 NOK

Princess turquise 150 NOK

Navaho pink 150 NOK

Copa Cabana pink 150 NOK (also in light blue)

Small fish bag yellow 1900 NOK

Glass Pearl necklace pink 450 NOK

onsdag 13. februar 2013

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is all about sharing love! Are you having some trouble finding a gift for your loved one? We have gathered some of our bestsellers that complement the day perfectly. Earrings, bracelets and bags in different shades of pink and red with a touch of romance are perfect gift ideas for the day. If you dont have a sweetheart this year, the day is also perfect to give some extra attention to some other special person/s in your life; you mother, sister, bestfriend or simply just yourself:)  

We can also wrap the gift for you in our new gift boxes with gold and pink details :)

Flowerbud earring in white, 250 NOK

Heart earring, 150 NOK

Snowball earring in burgundy, 300 NOK

Frost earring in burgundy, 300 NOK

Turtle earring in rosegold, 300 NOK

Gullblomst perler earring in rosegold, 200 NOK

Two heart earring in clear/rhodium, 250 NOK

Sophie earring clear, 300 NOK

Athene earring in peach, 450 NOK

Regular necklace in withe, 250 NOK

Elegant bracelet, 350 NOK

Chain ring peach, 250 NOK

Liza ring in rosegold, 250 NOK

Collar with pearls, 350 NOK

Stone clutch creme, 450 NOK

Frilly vanilla, 450 NOK

mandag 4. februar 2013

Wedding of your dreams

'Tiare Apetahi', exclusive St. Regis BB western style, price upon request
Made of silk organza and chantilly lace

It's snowing in Oslo today! In the cold and dark it's getting time to plan your dream wedding. We took a trip to stunning Bora Bora for the shoot of our wedding dresses. If you get tempted to go away for your wedding the staff at St. Regis Bora Bora wil help you plan everything. You can also rent a Cecilie Melli weding dress on site.  For those who want a unique piece I have designed an exclusive western design and one Tahitian style dress for the St. Regis Bora Bora. Take a look at the styles available 

Detail 'Tiare Apetahi' 

Tahitian style dress 'Tiare'. Made upon request
Silk chiffon and flower drizzeled lace

Also available in cream colour both long and short version
Silk chiffon with options of variations to the tyeing in bust and waist

Also available in long version
Silk chiffon with crystal beaded lace

Zwarovski beaded lace details and silk chiffon

Western style 'Tiare Apetahi' and Tahitian style 'Pitate'. 
Not for rent but available on request. Contact Cecilie Melli by email for prices etc

'Eria' and 'Lantana' in rose silk chiffon.
Also available in cream colour

Also available in cream colour
Silk crepe

Detail of 'Liliko'i'
All pearls from Robert Wan
Dress made of yards and yards of silk chiffon

Detail of 'Liliko'i' 
Pearls from Robert Wan

Silk chiffon

'Eria' and 'Liliko'i'
Also available in cream colour
Silk crepe and silk chiffon

Feeling the urge to go to this beatiful place? I think you should. Imaging staying here with the love of your life. It's once in a lifetime.

Cecilie Melli is happy for this opportunity to work with St. Regis Bora Bora, being able to offer our brides the wedding of your dreams.

All pearls are borrowed from Robert Wan

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