tirsdag 22. januar 2013

Magazines and products

Underneath you see some of the latest ads and magazine-pictures were 
products and dresses from CECILIE MELLI has been featured. 

The ever so cool Jenny Skavlan wore "Jolie" in the magazine KK nr 52. 

Jolie" earrings" comes in two colours; blue and light purple, 450 NOK

Our necklace "Barock" in clear featured in the "Alt for Damene" nr 19.
This necklace is the one to wear whenever you want to glamour yourself up. 

Barock in clear/gold is unfortunately out of stock, but we have it in black. 2000 NOK 

"StyleMag" nr 1. The model is wearing "Medusa" necklace in silver

Medusa necklace in silver, 2050 NOK

Medusa in a golden combination, 2050 NOK

StyleMag nr 1. All accessories used are from Cecilie Melli. Both bracelets 
are out of stock. The rings are "Aristocrat" in yellow and "Ocean Harp", both 350 NOK

"Aristocrat" in yellow. This model can also be found in red. 

"Ocean Harp" ring.

Imagine standing next to the Hudson river, wind in your hear and wearing this dress? Oh my..:) The picture featured in KK nr 52. The necklace "Elena" is unfortunatly out of stock at the moment, but we will restock both the silver and gold one. The dress is called "Knytekjole" and you can get it in three different colours; gey (like the dress in the picture), dusty pink and brown. The dress costs 11.000 NOK 

Beautiful Dorthe Skappel is wearing "Tone" dress in jade on the frontcover of KK nr 52.

"Lene dress". Price upon request

"Square Stone clutch" in yellow, currently out of stock. 

The ring in  the picture above is called "Flettering" and costs 350 NOK.
 The color-combination blue, yellow, and gold/brown is breathtaking.

Picture from KK nr 52. 

"Stone" clutch in nude, 450 kr. We also have it in creme,

"Imperial" bracelet in black as featured in the picture above. 
The bracelet is currently out of stock

The inspiring Sara Louise Rung wore one of the most recently designed 
dresses here at Cecilie Melli. Its so new that it does not have a 
name yet!:) The ring on her right finger is "Anemone" in peach.  

"Anemone" in peach, 350 NOK

"Anemone" in black, 350 NOK

From Tara magazine nr 1. The clutch under the arm is "Harmonica" in yellow.

"Harmonica". This clutch is made in leather and comes with a chain, 900 NOK

mandag 7. januar 2013

Old School Hollywood radiance

We welcome the new year by adding a new collection of accessories to our shop. This collection screams elegance, chic glamour and old school Hollywood radiance. The stones are all cubic zirconia, cut for reflectivity to yield a diamond-like sparkle. The earrings and bracelets are covered either in rhodium, 14 k gold or rosegold. Rosegold is a gold and copper alloy. As usual, all products have a surgical steel base, containing no lead or nickel. 

 Here at CECILIE MELLI we all have found our personal favorites, which one is yours?

"Emirat" earring in clear/rhodium, 550 NOK

"Emirat" in yellow/rosegold, 550 NOK.

"Caroline" earring, 200 kr

"Kate" earring, 200 kr

"Stephanie" earring, 200 kr

Gorgeous "Diana" earring in clear/rosegold, 700 NOK

"Diana" in clear/rhodium, 700 NOK

"Diana" in olive/rosegold, 700 NOK

Here is Maria with her favourite pair of earrings, "Diana" in pink.

In pink/rhodium, 700 NOK

In stunning emerald/rosegold, 700 NOK  

and in a black/gold combination, 700 NOK

"Heart Drop" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This earrings can also be found in a clear/rosegold version.

"Honey" earring in clear/rhodium, 400 NOK

"Honey" in clear/rosegold, 400 NOK

and in a stunning emerald/rosegold combination. 
This colour-combination is currently out of stock, a new 
deliverance is expected in March.  

Recognize this model, "Kanari"? For some time now we have had this model in
 acryl/coral, but now we have received them in cubic zirconia. 
Above you see "Kanari" in clear/rhodium, 250 NOK.

Clear/rosegold combination, 250 NOK

Pink/rhodium, 250 NOK

Oliven/ 14 k gold combination, 250 NOK 

Emerald/rosegold, 250 NOK

and a black/14 k gold combination, 250 NOK

Kirsti`s favourite earrings, "Lana", in emerald with rosegold plating.
Doesn`t she look stunning?:)  Lana comes in six different
 colour combinations, 600 NOK

"Lana" earrings. For more colours please see 

Glamourous "Shirley", here seen in clear/rosegold, 350 NOK. 
This model also comes in a clear/rhodium combination. 

"Mata" earrings in burgundy, 450 NOK. We also have this model
 in black and emerald. Please see our webpage for detailed pictures, http://www.ceciliemelli.com/tilbehor/oredobber/?nggpage=2

"Sophie" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This earring is perfect for those who want to 
keep a subtle but glamourous look.

"Sophie" in clear/rosegold, 300 NOK

and last but not least in black/14 k gold, 300 NOK

"Turtle" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This model also comes in clear/rosegold combination.

Cute heart-shaped earrings, "Two Heart" in clear/rhodium, 250 NOK 

"Two heart" in clear/rosegold, 250 NOK

Vintage inspired earrings, "Frost", in burgundy. 250 NOK. See http://www.ceciliemelli.com/tilbehor/oredobber/?nggpage=2 
for picture of this model in a turquise/jade colour

Chic and classic with a twist; "Elegant" bracelet comes in six 
different colours.You can either use the bracelets alone, 
complimentory to a watch or all at once. The bracelets
can be yours for only 350 NOK, a bargain!:)

Camilla`s favourite, "Elegant" in clear/rosegold 

 Clear/rosegold combination


While Camilla is only brave enough to wear only one bracelet
 at a time, Cecilie goes all the way wearing all six bracelets at a time. Cool eh?

Olive/ 14 k gold

Black/ 14 k gold

And in emerald/rosegold