tirsdag 31. januar 2012

Fremdeles ledige prøvetimer til brud sommer 2012

Vi har fremdeles noen ledige prøvetimer for bruder sommer 2012. Ring butikken for å avtale på 
tlf 21447968.
Legger ut bildene Oda Berby tok på sensommeren for å minne dere på hva vi har i butikken og sommeren som var og kommer igjen om en liten liten stund. Ha en toppen dag!

søndag 29. januar 2012


I am up late doing some research for the catalog shoot for next summer. I was looking for a modernistic twist to it so I googeled 'soviet mosernism' to get it real hardcore. I found this picture from the book 

Frédéric Chaubin. Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed.

This looks like a fabulous place to spend the holiday( hadn't it been like it was in those days)! I ordered the book on Amazon and I'm so excited to see all those insanely fantastic constructions that's been hidden from the world during the soviet era.  

This is from our own Hvalstrand Bad outside Oslo

Hvalstrand bad

A staircase in a hotel in Estonia

DDR kitchen

Soviet textile sample from the book 'Soviet Textiles'

Wassily Kandinski painting 'Weiches Hart'

Another insane building pictured in the book I bought just now. Either I am very tired and about to loose my head or the next photoshoot can come out real nice. I hope for the last. Good night!

torsdag 26. januar 2012

Snout to tail

A new display I photographed at work 8 am this morning. We got the best beaded collars in town!

Lunch at the trade fair Gave & Interiør yesterday. Watermelon gazpacho in our glasses. Cheers!

A snap from Gave & Interiør today.

These are the earrings you need for summer. Love?

Another snap of my display at Gave & Interiør trade fair. The bags on the top is our brand new fish skin bags. They are gorgeus if I may say it myself. Isn't it a perfect idea to make clutches out of salmon skin. I'm into the so called 'snout to tail' movement. Eat the lax and then carry a lax bag.

We have brought our wide range of accessories to Lillestrøm, trying to get new customers. I'll like to reassure my other current clients that I will not take on more retailers in your area. And the new retailers are shops that can represent my brand in the best ways.
Today we got three new shops selling our line.

Some of our items we got in a spectre of colors.

If you want a closer look on the lax-bags. This is a cream colored small bag with a zip and removable tassle on the top. It also has a shoulder strap. This bag comes in four colors with bronzed panels.

What's so cool about the fish-skin is that it looks almost like snake-skin. 

Light blue


The big bag has a chunky chain for shoulder strap. This bag comes in tree different colors.

Emerald green 


And our glass bead stone finish neclace is back!

tirsdag 24. januar 2012

Last chapter

Just wanted to post some photos of our last days in LA. We are now back in icy cold Norway. I can't wait to get back to sunny California.
We took a trip down to Farmers Market at The Grove. This is a great place for eating and shopping.

We found a vintage toy shop. Christmas decoration.

I love this protest doll:)

I bought myself three ugly babies. For a necklace and earring set?

Magnus bought me the deer family. So cute!

A cool poster


Melrose had the coolest shops. This is my selection from a shop called 'Necromance'
I loved the interior of the shop and their selection of goods. Everything from rat embryos, mice in ballerina tutu, spiders and beautiful butterflies. I still haven't tried the maggots and crickettes snack I bought. I can't wait...

Some windowshopping for inspiration

The beautiful floor in our hotel

Breakfast at a diner on our way to San Diego

Mmmmm... Pancakes with banana, scrambled egg and bacon.

Me outside my favourite shop in San Diego, Bettie Page

Then, time for a Margarita

...and some fish taco.

Sunset in San Diego

Last but not least: Griffith Park and the Observatory. It was late and cold. We were freezing and little did we know... 

...the day after a hiker found body parts right by the Hollywood sign. Scary!

My new Minnetonkas. I think it will be a while till I get to use them here in Norway:(

I'll try to remember the sun we got for the rest of the winter. So long LA!