lørdag 10. september 2011

Bridal photoshoot in the sun!

Thursday was the day for our last photoshoot. The bridal collection 2012 was to be plated. We were gambling on having good enough weather to do the shoot outdoor. It had been raining for 7 days straight so you can all imagine the utter joy when the sun came out thursday morning. The sun was shining through the whole day. Our theme for the shoot was 70's Playboy photos, Timotei shampoo commercial from the 80's and images from The great Gatsby. These photos are taken by myself and Kirsti. The actual catalog photos by Oda Berby are not done yet. This is just to give you all a sneak peek while we are waiting for them to be done.

The model was Kaia from idollooks.com She turned out to be just perfect for the look we wanted and was great working with!

The location was Sogn havekolonier. See all the apples on the tree? Isn't that beautiful?

We even did some shots up on the roof. There were a few people up there trying to not fall down.

I'm so looking forward to see the real photo of this. The light coming through the dress drawing the contours of the models body. Amazing! I think we nailed the 70's feeling to this one.

I'm happy happy happy! With the collection, the weather, the beautiful garden and soon to come weekend.

We didn't need any props this time.We had all the flowers and leaves. I wanted to get a bit of a art noveau touch to it and it was all in the nature in the garden. So beautiful!

Then it was lunch time. Kirsti assisted to the max with her fantastic spirit.

Elisa from L'Oreal was new to our crew. Besides from her it was the good old gang.

Oda, the photographer enjoying her lunch and Sigve assisting her in nearly everything. Even as a stand in for the model when needed. Thank's for being there Sigve! It wouldnt be the same without you.

Elisa and Kirsti. This is exactly the light I was going for in the photos.

The fairy tale, noveau scenery. All naturally. Can you be this lucky?

Eating plums between the shoots.

Kaia looked like an angel

Maybe this was the last day of summer? We had a beautiful day to remember when the days get short and cold. Thank you all for the amazing work done!
The dreamteam:
Photo: Oda Berby
Assistant: Sigve
Make up/Hair: Elisa/ L'Oreal
Styling: Kirsti/Cecilie