onsdag 26. oktober 2011


We just came home from Barcelona. We did a insprational trip, as it is called, and actually gained some new inspiration to keep up the spirit and make new amazing stuff. I will make a few more posts about where to go vintage shopping, eating, sightseeing and such.

See how happy we are with our tapas and cava, compared to the people in the back. 

First lunch down in the harbour. Sunny and warm compared to the cold cold rainy weather at home

Kirsti sporting outfit of the day in 'oldschool' blogger style

I had my share of sangria

Chilling by the pool

Vintage shopping

The happy gang. The photo is missing Ingvild and Ragne who also were a part of the cheerful crew.
I will post some more photos of our trip to amazing Barcelona. We also did a photo contest that we need to vote over. I maybe need you all to help us pick a winner.....later