onsdag 11. januar 2012

Getting inspired

Today our trip went right after breakfast to the Getty Center for some art and inspiration. This center was amazingly big and the architecture was fantastic.

The inspirational trip started already down by the tram we had to take up to the top of the hill where the center lies.

It was all the lines everywhere. Lines, lines, lines. My head was twisting and spinning to see it all and process it in my brain. We are working on the summer 2013 collection so I guess this is a preview of what to come

When we got up the view was stunning! 

View of the garden high above the city

The weather was fantastic today too. I guess it's the deal with California:)

Standard Station, Amarillo, Texas, 1963, Ed Ruscha

This was the exhibition 'Crosscurrents in L.A'. Painting and Sculpture, 1950-1970
See the fantastic classical perspective composition in the painting. I thought is was intrigueing that half of the canvas is 'empty' without looking so.

After a long day at the Getty we got hungry and tired and wanted to equalize our brains with going to sunset strip. But it wasn't exactly what I expected. I was craving for moule frites and got it with something else that smelled of ... So my appetite suddenly died. We went down the strip to see what the deal was all about, and to my opinion it was nothing.

It was fascinating to see all the shops, restaurants and traffic and the beautiful houses all together. I guess I am spoiled living in Norway with all the peace and quiet. But the houses were amazing in design and architecture

As we strolled along the strip we wanted a break and found this place, 'the Saddle Ranch'. With bull riding and happy hour.

This came along with the drinks.

And yes, we had a lot of fun, but stayed sober and didn't ride the bull because we had a appointment at 9 with Daniela to get our last stuff from the ups. 

On our way home we stopped for manicure in Beverly Hills. We had to fix our tired sore sewing fingers before presenting ourselves to the stars.

It was quite a fancy place serving mimosas with the manicure and we didn't complain.

Today Kirsti and I will iron all our 25 dresses that arrived just in time before we go to set up the stand at 1 pm. I am getting the butterflies because it's starting to get real. I am actually doing this!
Magnus and Ole are planning a trip downtown to Chinatown and I told them to get a lot of pictures so we can have a full report on everything. A new day with new adventures.