søndag 26. februar 2012

Hong Kong

The day after I came home from a fab weekend in London I had to go to Paris for Premier Vision, to take a look and order fabrics for next summer. I had just one day in Paris to go through it all. I woke up at 5 in the morning, packed a book I have been wanting to read and took the bus to the airport. Croissant for breakfast just to have that Paris feeling.

Above the clouds the sun is shining and I had a feeling this would be a great day.

Scary! at Parc des Expositions

This is just the entrance of the fair. I dont know how big it is but I usually go through a tiny part of it in 4 days. Now I had only one. Time to work. I think some people at their stands could perceive me as rude as I asked them constantly to hurry up writing the orders. We'll see if it was successfull when I get the fabrics. Next years collection can be interesting.

And here we are in Hong Kong. After coming home from Paris I stayed home for a day to do some paperwork and then off to HK. This time we tried Lufthansa. It was ok. Not the best food but a lot of refill on the drinks so we were ok. That is water, off course. 
Here's Kirsti at the local'est Starbucks where we had breakfast almost every day.

This is my home away from home: The Intercontinental. I love to stay here and would never stay anywhere else.

Yum, sushi with sea urchin and mango.
We took a lot of food pictures as we don't want to reveal what we did together with our producers and the plannings for next season. You wait and see...

Sushibar. I tend to go for Japanese food in HK. I have tried Chinese, but not yet convinced.

Old meets new in the harbour

Chai Wan

Elements shopping mall and apartments

I could imagine living like this. Pretty amazing

Tea breakfast with coffee

Bird market

This poster was beautiful and long

I think these are frogs and food for the birds. Kind of beautiful

We bought ourselves small birdcages with fake birds in it and hand carried them all the way home to Norway. It was worth it.

Hello. We spoke with the birds and they told us they liked it there together with their mates. Some didn't like it, kept calling for others, all alone in their cages, but we didn't photograph them because they didn't like that either.

A very good business idea is to sell birds to tourists who set them free. I think they keep coming back. It was a lovely thing and we all applauded, the bird sellers and the tourists.

Free at last!

The sparrows are opportuninst in all countries. Kirsti told me that the sparrows hanging aroud the bakery she worked at were so fat they couldn't fly.

After that the ladies market. A hairdo for all

Beatiful urban decay

Dinner with Kirstis friend from college

And dim sum breakfast with a spirulina shot on the side

and desserts with spirulina shot to kill that jet lag

We spend the entire day window shopping. Now that we traveled so much lately you kind of get tired shopping and the wallet wont let you. But it's good for ispiration.

Theres a lot of good shops in Soho. Also good for inspiration

Nice tiles

I love the billboards in Hong Kong

A Cartier poster. Roarrrrrrrrr!
And back home to fresh, clean, peaceful Norway. I dont think I am going anywhere until may. Time to do some good work on the new collections and take care of the family.
Peace and love!