søndag 15. april 2012

A little teaser for summer 2013

I am working on the summer 2013 collection. I'd love to share everything with you but it is supposed to be a secret so I'll just share just a little. Pastel colours and lace are key words. 

I am so happy with this dress. It's coming in different prints and qualities. I'm also making a version in silk satin and lace.

And then there are some newcomers to our shop. The keyword here is 'small'. This production holds earrings that are quite small and very cute. All made with swarovski crystals.

Hjerte i sølv, kr 150 kr
"Knøttsmå", i farger hvit opal. 150 kr

I fargen light pink opal, 150 kr

I fargen denimblue, 150 kr.

og i vintage rose. 150 kr

Regular in new colours. The name of the new colours from Swarovski are Denim blue and...

Vintage Rose. 350 kr

Dråpe pink opal. 300 kr

Dråpe, white opal. 300 kr

Liten perle, sølv. 200 kr

Liten perle, gull. 200 kr

Stor perle i gull. 200 kr

Stor perle i sølv. 200 kr