torsdag 14. juni 2012

Esmod 2012

For the last two days I have been to my old fashion school, Esmod. I have been a part of the jury for the graduation of the students. We have had a lot of fun looking at the new talents in the industry. I think this is looking good! Above are the teachers of Esmod. They've done a great job!

Mona Førisdahl presenting her collection 'Folded like a feather'

Cute kids modelling for Line Marskar Eek-Jensen

Nanette Eriksens collection 'I am Isis'

Heidi Folkestads collection 'Sea of Ice'. She was the winner of best design womens wear

Cool dress by Anita Svingen with her collection 'Desert Affair'

I loved the mint leather pants by Silje Jensen in her collection 'Beyond the Painted Smile'

I want this beaded jacket by Henriette Alnes Støhle in her collection 'Concrete'

Maja L.Jacobsen and her collection 'Hills like white Elephants'

Detail of the beaded jacket

There were a lot of really cool leather work

Accessory to 'Folded like a feather'

Accessories to 'Desert Affair'

'Hills like white Elephants'

The jury doing the tough work of deciding who will have the different prices.
The jury: 
President: Bjørn Bruun from Bruuns Basar
Saturo Nino: Esmod international owner
Frank Remme: Voice head designer
Merete Moen: Cubus product and buying director
Helga Sjøns Nilsson: HM designer
Kristina Hjelde Hatletveit: NFI
Cecilie Melli: me
Karina Kjenner Titze: Undorn head designer
Magnus Beckman: These Glory Days, designer Volt

The dinner for the jury and teachers was at Grefsenkollen. A beautiful restaurant with the most amazing view.

Esmod crew


Look at this chevre. 

The day after was the runway show. Mariann presenting the students. Sorry I didn't get a more stunning photo of her dress. The jury was seated on the stage so I didn't manage to get the best photos but we had a great view.

This is Thea Dyrings collection Imago. Her collection was so stunning that I forgot to get photos when the students did the presentation the day before. She won the price for best modelism and the jury presidents price of honor. Go Thea!!

Front row:)

Happy and exhausted students

The goodie bag was goodie!
Now back to work