torsdag 5. juli 2012

New window display: festivals, colours and fun

We have a new window-display! For many people summer equals festivals, laughter, fun, music, late evenings and colours. We have taken inspiration from maybe the mother of all festivals: Woodstock in 1969. So if you are attending a festival this summer, come and take a look and be inspired by our hippie/festival display. Maybe you even will find the perfect accessories to bring with you so that you can be the queen of the ball.

Inca earrings in turquise, 150 kr

Panama earrings in turquise, 150 kr

Peace, love and fun

Our newest earrings, Siux in the back and Aparaho in the front, 200 kr. The blue colour is just so vivid and appealing! These earrings are made of ceramics.

Kari necklace, 200 kr

This owl can be used as a purse-charm or as a keychain, cute either way you use it! 200 kr

This summer festival must-have: "Kirsti" clutch. This purse can be used with or without a chain. "Rolf" chasmire sweater is a friend in need when the temperature drops. With this sweater on you can stay out with your friends all night long. Comes in dark green (picture), grey and camel, 1350 kr.

"Moose"-necklace from the Aurora-collection. With this necklace on you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Supercool, and the delicate red/brownish colour is to die for. Decorated with swarovski-crystals and 14 k gold, 350 kr.

In the back "Chain Mail" clutch in orange, 450 kr. In the middle, "Square Stone Clutch" in nude, 550 kr. In the front, "Stone Clutch" in purple, 450 kr

Hippie headband, 250 kr

Peru earrings in creme, 150 kr

Salvador earrings in green. 150 kr. Comes also in orange

Acapulco earrings in yellow, 150 kr.

Copa Cabana in pink, 150. We also have these in blue

Do you have a favourite festival-moment? We would love to hear about it:)