onsdag 1. august 2012

Summer 2012 is over...Autumn adventures, here I come!

After a year of the hardest work I was sooo looking forward to my summer holiday of 4 weeks(!). I didn't plan anything else but to stay in Norway and do nothing. After a week I was rethinking the whole thing. It was raining non-stop. Although, from my photos I see that we actually did get some sun.
First stop was Stavanger, my home town to visit my family. We did the stuff I used to do when I was little, just chill around the house and walking to the beach just down the street. Oh joy!

Found the time to stop and smell the flowers

Looking for crab

Just a baby crab today

Visit my kittens that wasn't yet big enough to come home with me

We drove from Stavanger to Oslo, a 8 hour trip. Made a stop at Nøtterøy to visit my kids grand parents. Tried the temperture in the water but it was just a tad too cold.

Then back to my cabin to smell some more flowers and do nothing. But then I got so tired of the rain pouring down I had to go abroad. To Palma, Mallorca for art, tapas, wine and sun. My main purpose was to get some sun and read books. 

Managed to find great inspiration at the Joan Miro museum. Loved it!

Love the colours and think it's great inspiration for my next collection

Rigth outside the museum I found these tropical flowers which reminded me of my trip to Bora Bora in september. We are doing a super exciting project and have to go to Bora Bora for a photo shoot. What a stressful job I have

Artists studio.

Fabulous home of Sert. This is my inspiration for my home decorating project. Soon to be finished.

More inspirational lines. I love Spain and the diversity of art and culture. You get inspiration everywhere

Even at the fishmarket

Chillin' at the pool. Mohito off course:)

Amazing nature

And scary road trips

And then, yesterday, the last day of holiday I could go back to Stavanger to get my kitties. I was so looking forward to it I had butterflies in my stomach. Off course it was raining so they weren't so keen on going out. So cute. 

Ida and cat mom Celina saying the last goodbye to the babies. Now I have two furry angels at my place. We are glued to each other as they have never been away from their mom before. Now I'm their mom and I feel so lucky. They stay around my legs and cry when I'm out of sight. I love them!
Luckily I have my mom living with me so she can stay with the cats whe I go on my journeys. Because  this fall will be crazy. I am invited to do a runway show at Vienna Fashion week. Right after I'm going to LA for the Emmy gift suite. After that is our trip to Bora Bora, and after that I'm going to LA and NY for more work. And after that it's christmas. Omg! In between I will be home with my cats to get the cuddle and make some dresses.
So let's see what this autumn has in store...