mandag 17. september 2012

The big night

I had a bright idea 4 o'clock in the morning after coming home to our room: dye my hair pink. The judgement isn't always best at this time of day but luckily it came out good. Ok, off to bed!

Our show was in the night so we had all day to do some sightseeing. Vienna is huge on art deco and art nouveau

Breakfast. We are working hard so we need loads of food whenever we get it

More of the nice Vienna

with a modern touch

Tempted to get a haircut here? The two choices are the latest fashion from Vienna


Adiam came from Oslo to sing her new song Knockin'. So beautiful

Woohoo!! Go girls! Be feminine, dreamy and beautiful!

My favourite little ghost

Me and Mario Soldo who invited us to Vienna and made this happen. Thank you Mario!! Love

Kirsti being bossy and giving instructions

Finished! Done! And relax. I only have the backstage photos today, but I am getting the photos from the catwalk anytime soon. I'll keep you posted

And partytime! Christine, Kirsti, Cecilie, Feven and Adiam. We had so much fun. I wanna do it again!!

Some of 'us' even managed to almost get arrested. Never pee in a fountain in Vienna. That's not what they're there for.

Today another late breakfast with focus on healthy fresh food and NO alcohol. We found this foodmarket just by our hotel with all sorts of delish food

Tomorrow morning we're heading for LA and Hollywood. All day on the plane tomorrow reading and sleeping, no partying and no blogging. It'll be nice for a change. I'll get back to you soon with more crazy fashion updates. See'ya in Hollywood!!