tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Apple-waffles, clutches and glamour

Maria has emptied her kitchencabinets in search of material for a new windowdisplay. Loads of yummy apples, cooking applinaces and books with traditional norwegian food recipes are some of the things you can find hidden amongst all the glamourous earrings, clutches and rings.

So if you need some inspiration with regards to you wardobe this fall or just want to look at something pretty pay us a visit!:) We are open monday-friday 10.00-18.00 and saturday 12.00-17.00

Anyone tried "Apple waffles" before? 

Right corner: "Navaho" earrings in pink, 150 kr. 
Apple: "Valentina" bracelet in red, 300 kr
Bag in the back: "Harmonica" leather clutch, 900 kr. This model also comes 
with yellow trimmings. 

In the back: "Aurora Fox" necklace, 250 kr.
"Snowball ear" in metallic gold, 350 kr
"Stone clutch" in nude, 450 kr

From left to right: "Salvador" earrings in green, "Panama" earrings in orange, 
"Guatemala" earrings in orange. All these three models costs 150 kr

One of our newest pride and joy: "Big Fish" clutch in blue. This clutch is made from salmonskin and the colour is simply amazing, 3500 kr. Big Fish also comes in black and emerald.

"Camelia" earrings in both yellow and pink, 200 kr

"Peru" earrings in bown, 150 kr. 

"Eldorado" ring in green and "Ocean Harp" ring. Both costs 350 kr
 and comes in sz. 6, 7 and 8. In the back you 
can spot details on "Harmonica" clutch in yellow.

Chain bracelet, 450 kr

From right to left: "Angelina" bracelet in brown, 350 kr, 
"Birch" bracelet in white 200 kr, and "Bamboo" bracelet in yellow, 300 kr. 

Which one is your favourite?

Bag in the middle: "Small Fish" in blue, 1900 kr

Gorgeous "Penny" earrings in gold, 200 kr. 

"Ingrid" earrings in purple, 200 kr. 
This model also comes in brown, black and green.

"Rev" ring, 350 kr.
"Eldorado" ring in purple, 350 kr
"Solveig" ring, 250 kr. 
In the back you can spot "Big Fish" clutch in emerald.

"Big Fish" in emerald, 3500 kr

"Small Fish" in yellow, 1900 kr

"Small Fish" in creme, 1900 kr