mandag 7. januar 2013

Old School Hollywood radiance

We welcome the new year by adding a new collection of accessories to our shop. This collection screams elegance, chic glamour and old school Hollywood radiance. The stones are all cubic zirconia, cut for reflectivity to yield a diamond-like sparkle. The earrings and bracelets are covered either in rhodium, 14 k gold or rosegold. Rosegold is a gold and copper alloy. As usual, all products have a surgical steel base, containing no lead or nickel. 

 Here at CECILIE MELLI we all have found our personal favorites, which one is yours?

"Emirat" earring in clear/rhodium, 550 NOK

"Emirat" in yellow/rosegold, 550 NOK.

"Caroline" earring, 200 kr

"Kate" earring, 200 kr

"Stephanie" earring, 200 kr

Gorgeous "Diana" earring in clear/rosegold, 700 NOK

"Diana" in clear/rhodium, 700 NOK

"Diana" in olive/rosegold, 700 NOK

Here is Maria with her favourite pair of earrings, "Diana" in pink.

In pink/rhodium, 700 NOK

In stunning emerald/rosegold, 700 NOK  

and in a black/gold combination, 700 NOK

"Heart Drop" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This earrings can also be found in a clear/rosegold version.

"Honey" earring in clear/rhodium, 400 NOK

"Honey" in clear/rosegold, 400 NOK

and in a stunning emerald/rosegold combination. 
This colour-combination is currently out of stock, a new 
deliverance is expected in March.  

Recognize this model, "Kanari"? For some time now we have had this model in
 acryl/coral, but now we have received them in cubic zirconia. 
Above you see "Kanari" in clear/rhodium, 250 NOK.

Clear/rosegold combination, 250 NOK

Pink/rhodium, 250 NOK

Oliven/ 14 k gold combination, 250 NOK 

Emerald/rosegold, 250 NOK

and a black/14 k gold combination, 250 NOK

Kirsti`s favourite earrings, "Lana", in emerald with rosegold plating.
Doesn`t she look stunning?:)  Lana comes in six different
 colour combinations, 600 NOK

"Lana" earrings. For more colours please see 

Glamourous "Shirley", here seen in clear/rosegold, 350 NOK. 
This model also comes in a clear/rhodium combination. 

"Mata" earrings in burgundy, 450 NOK. We also have this model
 in black and emerald. Please see our webpage for detailed pictures,

"Sophie" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This earring is perfect for those who want to 
keep a subtle but glamourous look.

"Sophie" in clear/rosegold, 300 NOK

and last but not least in black/14 k gold, 300 NOK

"Turtle" earring in clear/rhodium, 300 NOK. 
This model also comes in clear/rosegold combination.

Cute heart-shaped earrings, "Two Heart" in clear/rhodium, 250 NOK 

"Two heart" in clear/rosegold, 250 NOK

Vintage inspired earrings, "Frost", in burgundy. 250 NOK. See 
for picture of this model in a turquise/jade colour

Chic and classic with a twist; "Elegant" bracelet comes in six 
different colours.You can either use the bracelets alone, 
complimentory to a watch or all at once. The bracelets
can be yours for only 350 NOK, a bargain!:)

Camilla`s favourite, "Elegant" in clear/rosegold 

 Clear/rosegold combination


While Camilla is only brave enough to wear only one bracelet
 at a time, Cecilie goes all the way wearing all six bracelets at a time. Cool eh?

Olive/ 14 k gold

Black/ 14 k gold

And in emerald/rosegold