torsdag 11. april 2013

Our shop is ready for spring!

Maria was here yesterday to redecorate the entire store. Our shop is now spring-ready with colors in blue, green, peach, yellow and white! This is perfect inspiration for the upcoming summer :) 

Our salmon skin purses at the top 1900 NOK
Perfect for late evenings :)

Trend earrings mixed with big sparkly earrings and beautiful dresses :)

Harmonica bag in yellow at the left, 900 NOK

We were so lucky to get a new windowdisplay too. 
With flowers everywhere and the lanterns hanging down from the 
cabinet, you can find yourself dreaming about a cozy garden filled 
with flowers and romance. 

Troll necklace in gold, 750 NOK

Our popular glass pearl necklace in medium blue, 450 NOK