mandag 6. mai 2013

Statement necklaces

We are all just big smiles here at Cecilie Melli nowadays. Last week we received the most gorgeous statement pieces you can imagine in many different color-combinations. We have this season's most popular style in pacific opal & gold combination, to the more classic one in silver and grey. This is perfect for the black dress, t-shirt and jeans or a pretty blouse. We have only 35 pieces of each model in stock so if you want to get your hands on one or two of these beauties you  have to be quick.

Here are some of our favorites. Which color represent your style?:) 

Lenke bracelet gold 300 NOK, Aida necklace silver 1350 NOK

Camilla with Christina necklace in silver & grey 1200 NOK

Christina necklace and bracelet in rosewater opal
1250 / 700 NOK 

Kirsti with her favorite bracelet,  Lenke in gold. How cool is this bracelet?!?
 So simple, but still so elegant.

Kirsti with Aida necklace in pacific opal & gold

Charlotte with Christina bracelet in silver & blue

Cecilie with Christina necklace in pacific opal & gold

Tone with Aida necklace in silver & grey 

Guro with Aida necklace in pacific opal & gold